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Gavin Woody

President (2012 - 2014)

Member Since: 2008

"After climbing Mt. Rainier with a guide service in 2008, my wife and I joined The Mountaineers to learn how to be independent climbers and explorers of the Northwest. The tremendous support provided by countless volunteers inspired me to want to help the organization thrive and become an even stronger part of our community. I am thrilled to work with such a dedicated group during this time which, I believe, will prove to be one of the most important periods in the history of The Mountaineers."

An Intermediate Climbing Course student, Gavin has been taking full advantage of all the opportunities to find adventures on the snow, rock and ice on nearby peaks. He also enjoys skiing, triathlons and long-distance running. Gavin was elected to the board as treasurer in early 2010.
Prior to joining Expedia, where he is currently a director, Gavin was a management consultant with McKinsey & Company. He is a former U.S. Army infantry captain and decorated combat veteran (Operation Iraqi Freedom). He holds a mechanical engineering degree, with honors, from the United States Military Academy at West Point and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Dan Lauren

President-Elect (2012 - 2014)

Member Since: 1998

"I joined The Mountaineers in 1998 to take the Basic Climbing Course and quickly fell in love with climbing, the outdoors, the organization and the people I met along the way. The organization opened a whole new world to me, and made me want to share that world with others. I love getting outdoors as often as I can, as well as mentoring and teaching others about safely getting into the backcountry and reaching their objectives. I’ve met many of my now lifelong friends in The Mountaineers. I stay active as a climb leader, mentor and instructor in order to pass on the mountaineering spirit.

The Sharkfin Tower Accident in 2005 really had an impact on me as I lost a friend and mentor in that accident, and it prompted me to take a leadership role in creating and chairing The Mountaineers Safety Committee, as I wanted something positive to come out of that accident. There was a lot of apprehension among leadership at that time as accidents had never been talked about or discussed openly. The experience proved to me that the organization is capable of changing for the better.

I see a tremendous opportunity for our organization to be more than the sum of our branches and our activities. We have a lot to offer our community. We have a tremendous body of energetic volunteers that are passionate about the outdoors. What I can bring to this organization is clear thinking, organizational skills, and an attitude of getting things done. I get along well with people, I listen and try to understand, I see the big picture, and laugh a lot."

John Ohlson

Secretary (2012 - 2014)

Member Since: 1999

John started his service as a director in 2009. He has chaired the Building Operations Committee, served as a Seattle Branch Safety officer for several years and has taken on multiple responsibilities within the Seattle Climbing Committee. He also keeps his Mountaineers burner going at other levels, as a Freedom 8 author of the chapter on safety and with his involvement in the program center renovation and construction of the center’s climbing walls.

"I grew up in Seattle, returned 11 years ago, embraced our courses and learned much. I enjoy volunteering for The Mountaineers as a payback. I consider us an activities-based organization with vital educational and conservation roles, which I embrace and support.

"I offer my corporate skills in decision-making, marketing, negotiations and consensus management. I have an unyielding view of budgets (every operation’s true cost must be visible), many years of managing multi-million dollar budgets, plus a fervent belief that leadership is action, not just a job title."

Steve McClure

Treasurer (2012 - 2014)

Member Since: 2010

After receiving a hot-off-the-press Freedom, 2nd Edition, from his folks in 1967—followed by decades of good intentions—Steve finally joined The Mountaineers in 2010. A Seattle native, Steve gained a love for our wild spaces as an Eagle Scout and from growing up in a family of skiers. He remains an avid hiker and cyclist, and is an instructor for the new Alpine Scrambles Intense course. He loves week-long scrambles of peaks that most people never notice. He might make it past Ingraham flats some day but would prefer to glissade from the top of "Mt. Never-Heard-of-It."

Steve is a CPA and a partner with Tatum, a national consulting firm of CFOs. He has served on the finance committee since 2010.

Tab Wilkins

Vice President, Outdoor Centers (2012 - 2014)

Member Since: 2000

"I moved back to the Puget Sound region in 1999 and joined The Mountaineers in 2000. It’s been a wonderful way to explore Washington state and the outdoors, challenging myself and continuing to learn new things while meeting fascinating and dedicated people. I’m slowly switching from ice hockey as my defining sport to climbing/skiing. To support this habit I help manage a network of non-profit manufacturing engineering consulting firms on the West Coast."

Lisa Berntsen

Vice President, Publishing (2012 - 2014)

Member Since: 1998

Lisa has held a lifelong interest in outdoor activities and cannot remember a time in her life that did not include skiing, hiking and camping. Her passion toward nature is what led her to her lifelong work as an environmental scientist at GeoEngineers, working out of Tacoma. Lisa joined The Mountaineers in 1999 and has participated (and graduated) from almost every class the Tacoma Branch offers. She started with scrambling, then kayaking, then back through the climbing series to graduate from Intermediate in 2007. She has been a climb leader since then and has been active on Tacoma Mountaineers committees for years while taking several leadership roles.

Lorna Corrigan

At Large Director (2011 - 2014)

Member Since: 1998

Lorna is an attorney in Everett, Washington, where her practice involves general civil litigation. Prior to assuming the office of secretary for The Mountaineers Board of Trustees, Lorna served as the chair of the Everett Branch. She has lived most of her life in Western Washington and grew up in a Mountaineers family. Lorna has fond memories of learning to ski during family weekends at the Snoqualmie and Meany Lodges. She enjoys skiing, snowshoeing, hiking and scrambling, and appreciates the camaraderie and shared adventure that comes with membership in The Mountaineers.

Rich Draves

At Large Director (2011 - 2014)

Member Since: 1993

Active in the climbing and family activities programs for The Mountaineers, Rich has been a member since 1993 and relishes the friendships he has developed within the organization since joining. A Microsoft researcher and father of two daughters, Rich applauds recent efforts by The Mountaineers to engage more families and aims to help continue this pursuit.

"This is an exciting and challenging time for The Mountaineers. I see the move to Magnuson Park as an opportunity to revitalize our programs. I look to the new building to set the tone for The Mountaineers as a modern club, still vibrant and relevant to everyone interested in outdoor recreation," Rich says.

Besides climbing, Rich enjoys skiing and windsurfing.

Lee Fromson

At Large Director (2013 - 2016)

Member Since: 2009

"I have had the privilege of earning a living by working in the outdoor industry for the past 28 years. This experience has taught me how important “getting out into the mountains” is for the U.S. economy, for a person’s mental health and physical well-being, and for developing our next generation of environmental stewards of the remarkable treasures that exist in our country. For many people the outdoors can be an intimidating place. The importance of having safe, fun and understanding mentors is vital to introducing more members of our community to the natural wonders right here in the Pacific Northwest. The Mountaineers is uniquely positioned, I believe, to be the most influential and trusted pathway to helping people get outdoors. I would be honored to serve this organization. As a member of The Mountaineers Board of Directors, I hope that my passion for the outdoors and prior experience help shape the strategic direction of the organization’s future."

Chloe Harford

At Large Director (2012 - 2015)

Member Since: 2005

"I joined The Mountaineers within weeks of coming to the US in 2005, opening up fantastic opportunities for me to learn new skills, explore the Pacific Northwest, make lasting friendships, and be part of a vibrant outdoor community. I have enjoyed contributing for the past few years to the committee for The Mountaineers Books, our global ambassador. I grew up exploring the mountains and waters of the British Northwest, where I first discovered and became a fan of The Mountaineers Books. I welcome the opportunity to serve on the Board, to ensure that The Mountaineers and the outdoors flourish for generations to come."

Chloe is vice president of product management and strategy at Zillow, the leading real estate information marketplace in the US. Prior to Zillow Chloe worked in technology at in Beijing, at the Boston Consulting Group and Expedia in Europe, and at the Montserrat Volcano Observatory. Chloe holds an MA in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University, a PhD in Volcanology from Bristol University, an MBA from INSEAD, and is a Fellow of the Explorers Club. She is an avid skier, climber, windsurfer, kitesurfer and SUPer.

Leah Schulz

At Large Director (2012 - 2015)

Member Since: 2006

A graduate of the Basic Alpine Course in 2007. Leah has always enjoyed working with youth and shares her love for the sport of climbing by reaching out to young people and providing beginning climbing lessons. As a certified real estate agent and mortgage broker in her own business, Leah has developed a sharp acumen and patience for the long processes involved in these activities.

Kara Stone

At Large Director (2013 - 2016)

Member Since: 2012

"For all of us that consider time outdoors essential to life and have found assurance and stability in the unpredictable environs of the mountains; there has likely been an influential person or organization that has connected us to the outdoor lifestyle. After a childhood filled with camping in Michigan; for me it was my sister, Krista, who introduced me to the joys of skiing, backpacking, climbing, and biking in the mountains. It was this foundational influence that also fueled my career choice to link millions of co-op members to the outdoors via my role as the REI Flagship General Manager here in Seattle.

For over 100 years; through remarkable volunteer leaders, the very best in outdoor books, and the endless array of classes and programs, The Mountaineers have provided the vital influence for countless adults, children, and families to safely connect with the outdoors and even more importantly, to each other! I am thrilled and extremely honored to be a granted the opportunity to serve The Mountaineers members and the outdoor community on the board of directors. It is serendipitous; as REI and The Mountaineers have a long history of affiliation that dates back almost 75 years. I am proud to be a part that strong history of partnership; as both organizations have been fixated on getting people outside and protecting our wild places for future generations. I am excited to contribute to the continued health of The Mountaineers; as our capacity and potential to deliver on our core purpose is profoundly important to me as an avid outdoor enthusiast as well as an outdoor industry professional."

Matt Sullivan

At Large Director (2013 - 2016)

Member Since: 1998

"I am a Mountaineers member because I am amazed by the natural bounty we have in the Pacific Northwest. From Puget Sound paddling to Cascades trail running, skiing, and snowshoeing, there is something exciting to do every season. I am passionate about sharing this natural bounty with my sons, aged 10 and 8."

Matt is an experienced marketing and market research executive with such Fortune 100 companies as Microsoft, Kellogg's Company, Procter & Gamble, Guinness, and J. P. Morgan, and he currently runs his own research company. In addition to The Mountaineers, he promotes youth education and physical activity with the YMCA, Seattle Schools and Seattle Community Centers.

Tom Varga

At Large Director (2012 - 2015)

Member Since: 2002

"Since first experiencing the Pacific Northwest in the mid-1980’s (I grew up in Ohio), I have been mesmerized by the sheer beauty and amazing diversity of this region. The foresight of those who worked to protect and preserve our wilderness areas has provided us today with the awesome gift that is the Northwest outdoors. I feel both obligated and privileged to pay that stewardship forward for future generations, and I am convinced that helping The Mountaineers is one of the best ways to accomplish this goal.

Winston Churchill once said, 'We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.' I look forward to giving my time and talent to The Mountaineers."

Gene Yore

At Large Director (2011 - 2014)

Member Since: 1991

Gene had climbed Rainier and the Grand Teton with guides before moving to Seattle in 1989. “After two years of solo mountaineering, getting lost and one potentially fatal mistake, I decided I needed more skills and climbing partners. With The Mountaineers I have learned to become self-sufficient in the mountains, improved my leadership skills, developed climbing partners and found the best friends of my life.”

As a volunteer leader, Gene has chaired basic climbing field trips and other subcommittees, has helped start the Aid and Big Wall Seminar and leads many climbs. Yosemite, Joshua Tree and the Alps are favorite destinations beyond the Cascades. He also co-chaired the Magnuson Instruction Requirements Group which develops the Magnuson Instructional Vision.

He just completed two years as Climbing Committee chair and recently led the Basalt Column project. He helped form the Friends of Magnuson Climbing which raised funding for The Boulder and Basalt Columns projects. Currently he chairs The Mountaineers Technology 2.0 Committee and represents The Mountaineers on the Magnuson Park Advisory Committee.

Gene managed the renovation of Building 67--now known as The Mountaineers Program Center--a world class facility for teaching mountaineering skills. “Our Vision is to develop facilities to teach every mountaineering and climbing skill in town. The result makes instructing and learning more accessible, conserves fuel and helps preserve the wilderness and environment.”

“There are so many skills to Learn to be able to Explore so many great places. We must Conserve these great places for our grandchildren and their grandchildren.”

Ken Small

Director - Bellingham

Member Since: 1973

When I joined The Mountaineers in 1973 I took the Seattle Basic Climbing Course and finished the Intermediate Course in 1975. I was on the Seatle Climbing Committee from 1975 through 1993 (except for a gap of a couple of years), chairing it in 1987-88. I was also on the Snowshoe and Cross-Country Ski committees for a few years. I started leading climbs in 1974 and other kinds of trips a couple of years later. After retiring I moved to Bellingham. Although I still lead an occasional climb or scramble and teach an occasional field trips for Seattle, I mostly support Bellingham’s climbing program or lead snowshoe trips and hikes. I represented Bellingham on the Managing Committee for a few years. I was on The Mountaineers-wide Safety Committee from its start in 2006 until October 2011. While in Seattle I served for a few years on the now defunct Editorial Review Committee and served on three Freedom of Hills committees.

Harlan Brown

Director - Everett

Member Since: 2002

Harlan joined The Mountaineers following years of hiking and scrambling in the Northwest. With the intent to improve his skill set, he took the Basic Climbing Class in 2003, followed by the Intermediate Climbing Course in 2004. Since that time he has been a continually active volunteer of the Everett Branch’s Basic Climbing Class. He is a Basic Climbing Instructor, Climb Leader, Mentor and a current member of the Everett Branch’s Basic Climbing Committee. He served as the Everett Climbing Chair from 2008-2011, and is currently on the Everett Branch’s Executive Climbing Committee.

Harlan is a Seattle native; he has a BS degree in Ceramic Engineering from the University of Washington (1987) and is also a graduate of the Universities Executive Management Program (1997).

He was previously Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Ceradyne, Inc., and as a Senior Manager of that firm was instrumental in the acquisition of Ceradyne by 3M in 2012. Harlan is currently a Technical Manager for 3M-Seattle. His interests include hiking, climbing, kayaking and traveling.

"As a longtime volunteer in the Basic Climbing Class, I continue to be inspired by the moment; that look of accomplishment in an aspiring climbers face, as they attain a skill they initially thought as improbable. It is this inspiration...this enthusiasm...that I will contribute to The Mountaineers strategic efforts."

Cheryl Talbert

Director - Foothills

Member Since: 2009

Introduced to the outdoors at an early age by her parents, each year Cheryl spent weeks of her childhood camping, swimming and wandering amidst wild nature including upstate New York, northern Arizona, the southwestern deserts and the Sierra Nevada. This not only fed a lifelong love of active outdoor pursuits, but also a sense of wonder for the natural world that ultimately led her to a PhD in Forestry and a 30-year career as a forestry scientist, forest lands manager and finally Chief Forester for Oregon and Washington with Weyerhaeuser Company. "The great Northern Temperate Rainforest provided a fascinating and productive career and environment for my husband and me to raise two now-grown children and several adored dogs in the foothills of the Cascades, along with years of hiking and backpacking amongst the high peaks, a gift of good fortune that I’ve always treasured."

After decades of hiking, backpacking and snowshoeing with family and friends, her previous companions turned to other interests so Cheryl joined The Mountaineers in 2009 to meet more people with the same passion to get out into the mountains as far, high and often as possible. "I soon found great enjoyment in planning and leading hikes, backpacks and, most recently, international trekking outings for Mountaineers members. No other activity organization I’ve encountered stands for as high a level of safety, outdoor learning and environmental ethics as The Mountaineers."

Now, having retired in 2012 and joining the Global Adventures committee, Foothills branch leadership and the Board, she hopes to apply her volunteer leadership experience as well as business management, financial, team leadership, facilitation, problem solving and people skills to advancing The Mountaineers mission and the positive experience of its volunteers and members.

Vern Brown

Director - Kitsap

Member Since: 1993

Vern has taken a number of courses through The Mountaineers and enjoys participating in many of the activities offered. He leads hikes, conservation activities, and sea kayak trips and has chaired the sea kayak committee for both the Tacoma and the Kitsap branches. Vern is a former naval officer and a more-or-less retired lawyer.

Henry Romer

Director - Olympia

Member Since: 1976

"I joined The Mountaineers in Olympia to take the Basic Climbing Course. I climbed, skied and backpacked in the Northwest privately for several decades while maintaining Mountaineers membership and friendships. In the mid-1990s, I returned to active involvement in The Mountaineers by taking what was then called Olympia’s canoe and kayak course. I paddled with the Tacoma Branch until I established the present Olympia Sea Kayak Program in 1999--its courses and activities. I remain active with that program.

In 2004 I began a term as trustee from Olympia Branch on The Mountaineers Board of Directors and served on the New Facility Construction Committee.

Now retired from a career as a professional mechanical engineer in private practice, I am outdoors more often in the Northwest and beyond. I enjoy introducing others to the wonders and rewards of spending time in these environments, whether on foot, by paddle or by ski.

I hope to be able to assist The Mountaineers in making the transitions necessary to flourish in our changing society while maintaining the sense of community I have experienced in close to four decades with the organization.”

Bill Deters

Director - Seattle

Member Since: 1980

Bill immersed himself in the climbing community soon after joining The Mountaineers but evenutally ascended into the governance of the organization as a volunteer, becoming its president in 2006 and leading the way to The Mountaineers’ historic move to Magnuson Park.

“When I joined The Mountaineers 33 years ago, all I wanted to do was learn how to use an ice ax. I had no idea how much more I would learn, how many wonderful people I’d meet or how profoundly my participation in this organization would change my life. These great experiences are why I’m passionate about The Mountaineers and why I want it to survive and prosper--so that others can experience the same kind of growth I have.”

Jim Feltus

Director - Tacoma

Member Since: 1996

Jim has played in the outdoors all his life. He grew up skiing, hiking, backpacking and climbing in Western Colorado. He moved to the Northwest in 1980 with his young family. Since joining The Mountaineers in 1996, he has been lucky enough to get out climbing a lot and have made many dear friends. He has served on a variety of committees over the years, served as the Tacoma Branch chair, 2004-2005, and served on the Tacoma Branch, 2003-present. When he is not out climbing or volunteering for The Mountaineers, he practices law in Tacoma.

"These are exciting times for The Mountaineers, with many interesting challenges to be met. I look forward to working with such a dedicated team of people who will continue to move the organization to greater heights."

Martinique Grigg

Executive Director

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Gates of the Arctic National Park.
Photo by S. Campion.

Helen Cherullo

Publisher, The Mountaineers Books

Helen Cherullo is publisher of The Mountaineers Books, the publishing division of The Mountaineers and dedicated to "leading our readers to the lessons and pleasures of the great outdoors." She has been a Mountaineers member since 1992, when she first started at "Books."
Born in Chicago and raised next door to a forest preserve in the city's suburbs, she has had a lifetime passion for nature study and preserving wild places. Other passions include day hiking, canoeing, and gardening. Her modest-sized city lot includes over 20 dwarf fruit trees rapidly transitioning into an out-of-control forest. She has a BA in journalism from the University of Montana, with a major in fine arts -- and believes in the power of words and images to inspire and transform lives.