For nearly 105 years, The Mountaineers has been bringing together people who share a common bond: A love for the outdoors in the Pacific Northwest and especially, the great state of Washington.  For many, their involvement in The Mountaineers has been, quite literally, life-changing.

Has The Mountaineers had a significant impact on your life? Maybe you met your spouse/partner while learning to climb. Or those you view as your best life-long friends became your friends during a Mountaineers backpacking trip. Or maybe you simply discovered your love for the Pacific Northwest through activities – sea-kayaking, scrambling, sailing, snow-shoeing or skiing – hosted by Mountaineers volunteers and those experiences have changed your life. Members share stories like this with one another all the time. For many, The Mountaineers has a way of weaving its way into people’s hearts and staying there for a lifetime.

These are precisely the ingredients of The Summit Society. This newly forming Society includes those whose passion for The Mountaineers runs deep – so much so that they choose to include the organization in their wills or estate plans. And when you include the Mountaineers in your estate, you ensure that future generations will be able to have the similar experiences. Your legacy helps to build a lasting foundation for The Mountaineers conservation, education and recreation programs. If you have already included The Mountaineers in your estate plans, please let us know so that we can express our gratitude for your generosity and foresight and include you future gatherings of the Summit Society.

Want to learn more? Contact Mary Hsue. Or you can call Mary at 206-521-6004.