Corporate matching gifts

Many employers sponsor generous matching gift programs for employees as an incentive and support for their charitable donations and volunteer commitment to the community.

As the foremost outdoor recreation organization of the Pacific Northwest, The Mountaineers is dedicated to educating and inspiring people of all ages to explore the outdoors and conserve and steward not only our public lands but all of the outdoors. When you take advantage of your employers’ matching gift, you maximize the impact of your charitable donation and volunteer hours.

A $200 gift can become $400; a $50 donation can become $100. When every dollar makes a difference just imagine what doubling your gift can do! Most companies provide a 1:1 match for an employee’s personal donation of cash or stock.

Many companies will also match volunteer hours. With over 700 volunteer leaders conducting over 2,000 Mountaineers trips and courses each year, the potential support from employer matching gifts for volunteer hours is huge!

If you volunteer your time to The Mountaineers and your employer matches volunteer hours, please consider submitting your hours to be matched. Most companies that match hours will contribute between $10-$17 per volunteer hour.

Matching your gift is easy. To find out if your company matches, simply contact your Human Resources department or email our Development Office at Many companies will also have information on their internal website. If your gift of time or money is eligible for a company match, please reference Tax ID 27-3009280 on the gift verification form.

To ensure that your matching gift is properly directed you must specify The Mountaineers: Tax ID 27-3009280. This is especially important for companies with online-based donation verification systems, since there may be other organizations or groups with a similar name listed.

If you have any questions about matching gifts or would like to serve as an ambassador for your company’s matching gift program, please e-mail Mary Hsue at or call 206-521-6004.

Some companies that match

Many companies in the greater Seattle area have generous employee donation and volunteer hour matching programs including:


  • Mountaineers ambassadors: Dave Shema and John Wick


  • Mountaineers ambassadors: Rich Draves and Steve Yi


  • Mountaineers ambassador: Gavin Woody


  • Mountaineers ambassador: Dan Lauren

Alaska Airlines






MANY MORE! Ask your Human Resources department if your company matches.