Safety Committee Purposes

The purposes of the Safety Committee are to ensure that Mountaineers activities such as climbing, kayaking, and skiing have access to and follow current safety standards, to provide resources for education and training of our leaders and instructors, and to ensure that collection of data on accidents and near misses is performed, documented, maintained and distributed to our leaders. These purposes share the goal of enhancing a Club structure and culture of safety such that The Mountaineers continues to be recognized as a leader in safety for outdoor activities. (from Board Policy 322)

Emergency contact procedures

First call 911, and ask to be transferred to the Sheriff of the county you are in (or National Park Service for Rainier, Olympics, & North Cascades) for a Search and Rescue (SAR).

Then call the The Mountaineers at (206) 521-6030.

View or download the Mountaineers Emergency Contact Procedures (PDF, 13kb)

View or download the First Aid Report Form (PDF, 173kb)

View or download the Critical Incident Response Plan (PDF, 659kb)

For questions or comments about the Safety Program, or to report any near miss or incident, please send an email to

Safety Information

Safety Highlights - Notes about Mountaineer incidents