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Little Tahoma/E Shoulder

05/10/14 (Sat) - 05/11/14 (Sun)

Everett Climbing

Stephen Bobick

5:30 AM

Newcastle P&R

Proceed along Fryingpan Glacier. From Meany Crest follow a bearing of 260 degrees, aiming for notch between it and the Whitman Glacier. Go through the notch (9,000') and contour SW around the first rock outcrop. Ascend the glacier exiting at its upper left-hand corner into a gully. Ascent 2/3 of the way up the gully to a 6' step at a headwall. Go up the step and ascend a gully-chimney to the summit notch. A short(30'), loose and exposed scramble along ridge crest reaches the summit. You need only climb to the notch to receive credit. There is potentially very serious rockfall from the upper Frying Pan Glacier onward, including the gully. The party size may be reduced to reduce some of the rockfall hazard; avoid using ropes in the gully. This is a long and strenuous climb, but provides a spectacular view. A climbing fee is required and a camping permit is required. It is highly desirable to get a permit for camping in the Meany Crest zone (at 7,000' plus) rather than the Summerland zone (5,900').

Open to Basic Grads only. Rainier climbing fee applies ($42) CLIMB IS FULL

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Basic Glacier Climb

Green Trails Mt Rainier East No. 270
USGS Mt Rainier East

Cascade Alpine Guide, Vol I
Day Hiking Mount Rainier
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