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Basic Navigation Field Trip - STUDENTS

03/15/14 (Sat)

Field Trip
Seattle Navigation

Michael Sweeney   (Qualified Youth Leader)

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Near Heybrook Ridge TH (mile post #38)

Before you can sign up for this Field Trip, you need to first sign up and pay for the Basic Navigation Course.

Field Trip Details:
This is a full day event which takes place on a Saturday or Sunday in the mountains on Heybrook Ridge near the town of Index, WA. Carpooling is strongly encouraged because we'll be parking on private land with very limited space, so please specify your carpool preferences when signing up (or edit them later). Then click the link in your Profile to view other students' carpool preferences so that you can organize your own carpooling arrangements.
1) You'll need to be in reasonable physical condition since you'll be gaining about 1800 ft of elevation (roughly half the elevation for Mount Si).
2) Come prepared as you would for a scramble or snowshoe trip, but please leave your ice ax at home. This includes over-the-ankle high-top boots, a waterproof outer layer, warm clothes, the 10 essentials, lunch, etc. You'll find out more things to bring when you attend the Workshop.
3) Bring your Field Trip packet which you received at the Workshop. Make sure to read the FIRST and LAST pages, and maybe skim through the rest of it.
4) Bring your compass. Unfortunately you can't share a compass with someone during the Field Trip.
5) Bring both of the maps you used in the Workshop. Unfortunately you can't share maps with someone during the Field Trip. Maybe fold your maps to the area where we'll be, and put each map into its own gallon ziplock bag.
6) Bring a sharp pencil (mechanical pencils work great).

This is no longer open for registration

100 spaces open

Registration closed on Tue, Mar 11 at 5:00 PM

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USGS Baring
USGS Index

Wilderness Navigation
Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills, 8th ed
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