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Intermediate Climbing Course - Seattle Continuation Fee

11/08/13 (Fri) - 09/30/14 (Tue)

Course Extension
Seattle Climbing

Fred Luck

Member: $100.00
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Annual Continuation Fee (for students who are continuing in the Intermediate course for their sixth year or beyond) This activity is for students who have been enrolled in the Intermediate Alpine Climbing course for five years or more and serves as a means of paying the annual continuation fee on-line. There is no limit on the number of years allowed to complete the course; however, an annual continuation fee is required to remain enrolled in the course beyond the fifth year. Leader Notes Course fee changed at the end of 2012 going forward: a discount to $35 is available to Intermediate Climb students who have taught at least 2 climbing field trips or rope-led on at least 2 basic climbs (or a combination of the two) in the past year. Otherwise, the continuation fee is $100. If you are requesting the discount, include the events with dates and leaders, in your request for continuance.

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