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Expedition Planning - Aconcagua

02/24/14 (Mon)

Seattle Climbing

Vikram Sahney   (Qualified Youth Leader)

6:30 PM

Program Center

Aconcagua is a reasonable goal for most strong basics and intermediates to aim for. Located in Argentina, near the border with Chile, it is the highest mountain in South America at a height of 22,902' (nearly 7,000m).

Being in the southern hemisphere, the climbing season is best from December through March. However, the weather can be extremely cold and windy anytime.

It is a straightforward climb via the normal routes with no real objective danger except for the vicious weather. You carry everything yourself above base camp (mules can carry gear to BC on Aconcagua) and there is no support high on the mountain from porters or Sherpas like in Nepal.

In this seminar, we will cover:
  • Logistics of getting there
  • Permits + Expedition support (mules)
  • Gear
  • Route selection (highlight the 3 main routes and differences)
  • Typical climbing schedule
  • Altitude considerations

Photographs and videos of Aconcagua climbs will be shown.

Vik Sahney is one of about 350 people to have climbed the 7 Summits, the tallest peak on each continent, completing his quest in January 2011. As part of that quest, he climbed Aconcagua's technical Polish Direct route in January 2008 with three friends.

Come hear about his experience and learn how to plan your own Aconcagua expedition. While we will cover details oriented around Aconcagua, this seminar will also cover general expedition planning skills which are applicable to other... More

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