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Intermediate Incident Management/ Rescues/ Towing/currents

08/23/14 (Sat) - 08/24/14 (Sun)

Tacoma Sea Kayaking

Michael Everett

8:00 AM

Bowman Bay

Member: $50.00 / Non Member: $0.00
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Two full days (and an evening) of incident management (IM), rescues, towing, eddies, and currents in dynamic conditions. What more can I say, this is a great class!! We put this on late in the summer so this years students can build some experience and prepare for it. A roll is nice, but not required. If you can't roll, you do need to be able to get back into your boat quickly with assistance. Listed as strenuous because at times you will be sprinting. Day one will start from Bowman Bay. ... More

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