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SIG Rock Field Trip (Vantage)/Feathers

04/06/14 (Sun)

Field Trip
Seattle Climbing

Jim Pitts   (Qualified Youth Leader)

6:00 AM

Issaquah Transit Center P&R

SIG rock field trip for Seattle Basic Climbing Course Discover Pass needed for parking.

SIG Rock Field Trip. Open to members of the Pitts SIG only who automatically have leaders permission. Leaders permission required for all others. DESTINATION HAS BEEN CHANGED TO VANTAGE/FEATURES DUE TO 60% CHANCE OF RAIN AT MT ERIE. Meet at Issaquah Transit Center P&R at 6am to form carpools. Discovery Pass required to part at the Feathers.

This is no longer open for registration

13 participant spaces open

Leaders: 10 space(s) open

Leader's Permission Required

Registration closed on Tue, Apr 1 at 5:00 PM

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Basic Rock Climb


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