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Tacoma Narrows

02/01/14 (Sat)

Kitsap Sea Kayaking

Vern Brown   (Qualified Youth Leader)


Point Defiance Marina Boat Ramp

This will be a night paddle through the Narrows. We will paddle from the put-in to Titlow Park. We will have dinner and warm up at Steamers (located essentially in Titlow Park and welcoming of drysuit-clad sea kayakers.) And then we will paddle back to the put-in.

In addition to the essentials, each paddler will need a drysuit, an all around white light (waterproof headlamp is ideal) and a blue chem-light and a means of attaching chem light to their headgear (tape, zip tie, etc.). If... More

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Trip Data
Sea Kayak III+
12 NM

MapTech Puget Sound Chart No. 100
SeaTrails Vashon Island, Tacoma Narrows to Elliot Bay WA203

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