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Mt Adams/Mazama Glacier

07/12/14 (Sat) - 07/13/14 (Sun)

Seattle Climbing

Mark Scheffer   (Qualified Youth Leader)

10:00 AM

Trout Lake Ranger Station

Proceed up the glacier to the snowfield above, then onto a ridge. Ascend NW up the ridge to the false summit. Cross the false summit and climb NW about 900' to the summit. Use wands to mark the route for the descent. To ascend the morraine, travel parallel to it at its base, into scrubby pines, where a climber's trail leads up to a low point on the morraine crest. Note that this is a long climb with considerable elevation gain. It can be done car to car in one day, but camping at the 7,600' or 8,600' level makes it more pleasant. The climb is often done in 2 days, but due to the long drive, many parties allow 3 days. Access may be limited before July 1. As of August 2000, Trout Lake RS collects $15 per climber fee for climbing above 7,000' elevation.

This is for the glacier travel course students and NOT open to basic student or basic grad sign up. Intermediate students can sign up for rope lead credit starting June 23, 2014

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Basic Glacier Climb

Green Trails Mt Adams West No. 366
USGS Mt Adams East
USGS Mt Adams West

A Guide to Climbing and Hiking in Southwestern BC
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