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Skill Conditioner: Snow Skills at Rampart Ridge (Longmire)

02/02/14 (Sun)

Seattle Climbing

Dave Morgan

8:30 AM

Longmire Museum

Snow Skills at Rampart Ridge (near Longmire) with conditioner that includes a snowshoe tour of ~5 miles and ~1500' elevation gain/loss. Snow Skills covered are at discretion of leaders (see leader notes), but possibilities include Ice Axe Self Belay, Plunge Step, Ice Axe Self Arrest, and Glissading.

Listed as 'leader permission required' so leaders can verify students are adequately prepared for winter conditions. Bring ice axe (adze covered with duct tape), helmet, snowshoes, and winter 10 essentials (especially heavier clothing to wear during instruction).

Meet near Longmire Musuem for last chance at rest rooms. See following links for route map, gear suggestions, past pictures, or Skill Conditioner overview.

LEADER REQUIREMENT: Winter Scramble or Climb Leader (it's near avalanche terrain), INSTRUCTOR REQUIREMENT: Scramble or Climbing Graduate ATTENDEES: students or graduates of Basic Climbing course, or graduates of Alpine Scrambling course

Great introduction to use of snowshoes as well as crampons (conditions allowing). Will only do self arrest practice if all participants have had prior self arrest experience. Allow 2 hour drive time from Seattle area.

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9 participant spaces open

Leaders: 3 space(s) open

Registration closed on Fri, Jan 31 at 5:00 PM

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Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills, 8th ed
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