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Coastal Kayak Surf Zone Basics

03/15/14 (Sat)

Tacoma Sea Kayaking

Michael Everett

9:00 AM

Westhaven State Park Westport

Member: $30.00
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Course Overview: The Coastal Kayak Surf Zone course is designed to teach paddlers the necessary skills to safely launch and land a kayak in the surf. Conditions should include small waves height less than 3 ft, ideally with spilling surf on a gently sloping beach clear of obstacles and swimmers. Winds should not exceed 15 knots.

This is clinic is an introduction to coastal paddling. The intent is to teach students how to safely paddle in and out through the surf zone. This is not a surfing class. Participants should feel comfortable with bracing strokes, edging, and turning their boats quickly. A roll is nice, but not required. Dry suits and helmets are required. This clinic will be one of the intermediate sea kayaking modules.

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