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Lightweight Hiking and Backpacking Seminar (non-B3)

04/15/14 (Tue)

Foothills Backpacking

Lawrence Landauer

6:30 PM

130 E Sunset Way, Issaquah

Member: $25.00 / Non Member: $50.00
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THIS CLASS IS OPEN TO ALL MOUNTAINEERS MEMBERS. IF YOU ARE IN THE BACKPACKING BUILDING BLOCKS COURSE, PLEASE SIGN UP FOR THE FREE VERSION OF THE CLASS! Wonder how lightening your load can make hiking, backpacking, and climbing life easier? Maybe you’re carrying equipment for you and the kids, perhaps you’re trying to save your knees, or you just like the idea of traveling faster and further? What is “lightweight”?...Does lightweight mean skimping on the ten essentials?…Does it cost a lot to go lightweight?…what’s the latest in lightweight and lightweight gear? This course teaches the principles, strategies and product knowledge of lightweight backpacking and climbing to fit your personal goals, style, needs and trip conditions rather than taking the one-gear-fits-all approach. We provide extensive coverage and demonstrations of the latest clothing, gear and food to help you design your own individual system. We also look at innovative products from home-based gear designers as well as resources for making your own gear. Learn how to carve 10%-50% from your pack weight in this class in an affordable and safe fashion.

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