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The Orion Youth Center

03/27/14 (Thu)

Seattle Youth Outreach

Caitlin O'Brien   (Qualified Youth Leader)

1:45 PM

The indoor climbing wall

The Orion Youth Center serves homeless youth in the Seattle area. At YouthCare, they serve children young as 12 and young adults all of 24. On the streets, rather than having a childhood, the younger ones are already enduring greater fear than anyone should ever have to. At ages for finding mentors and role models, the young adults are learning to trust no one. All of them should be imagining and building a future. Instead, they’re occupied with getting to tomorrow.

Youth from Orion Center will join us 3 times to learn how to rock climb, belay, and practice their rock climbing skills. Please join us to help belay, and teach this awesome group!

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