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Panorama Point

03/01/14 (Sat)

Kitsap Snowshoeing

Douglas V. Terry

9:30 AM

Longmire RS

Park entry fee required. Drivers may be required to not only have snow chains, but may be required to install them at Longmire. Route is north out of Paradise Parking Lot, passing west of Alta Vista,east of the Glacier Vista area, and up the non-avalanche zone chute to Panorama Point. Completion of this activity completes the requirement for a moderate showshoe. An ice axe can be handy when used properly to glissade back down from Panorama Point.

Leaving Kitsap County about 7:30, will hit the Park and Ride at the Interstate 5 / State Hwy 512 McDonalds to carpool/road train. Panorama Point results in a net altitude gain of 1650 feet.

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USGS Mt Rainier East

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