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Course Graduation & Reunion - Seattle Scrambling

11/17/14 (Mon)

Social Activity
Seattle Alpine Scrambling

Jerry Lockwood

Seattle Program Center - Goodman Auditorium

This invitation is for...
* Students in the 2013 Seattle Scrambling Course
* Graduates of Seattle Scrambling from previous years
* Course instructors
* Trip leaders
* Seattle Scrambling Committee members
* etc.

6:30pm Potluck
If you can, please join us for a casual potluck. Plates, utensils, and beverages will be provided. It's okay to bring whatever you'd like, but if you can't decide then here's a suggestion based on your last name...
A-H: Main dish
I-P: Salad or snacks
Q-Z: Dessert

7:15pm Presentation
Even if you can't arrive early enough for the potluck, please come for the presentation. Graduation certificates, leader awards, and peak pins will be handed out.

Pictures for the 2013 Slideshow should be sent to John Gilbert in care of
For all photos, please include the name of the peak and the name of the photographer.

Registration is not required for this activity. Please see Description or Leader Notes for more information.

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