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Adams/South Spur 12276'

07/11/14 (Fri) - 07/13/14 (Sun)

Olympia Alpine Scrambling

Nancy Lloyd

9:00 AM

Trout Lake Ranger Station

Volcano Pass (permit) must be obtained from the Mt. Adams RS in Trout Lake.

PRIORITY GIVEN TO OLYMPIA BRANCH SCRAMBLE AND CLIMBING STUDENTS. Additional information: We will spend 2-nights on the mountain. Please note: The pace will be slow/moderate - it will not be fast. If you do not like being told to slow down and stay with the group, then this trip is not for you. If you are not a student with the Olympia Branch, please contact me about openings the weekend before the trip. Please contact me by email:

Registration for this activity is being handled by the leader. Please contact the leader directly to register for this activity.

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USGS Mt Adams East
USGS Mt Adams West

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