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Basic Navigation Course - Everett (for Students)

03/08/14 (Sat)

Everett Navigation

James E. Bigelow

7:30 AM

Camp Pigott

Member: $40.00 / Non Member: $45.00
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This activity is for student registration in the Everett Mountaineers Basic Navigation Course.

Route finding is an instrumental part of reaching a backcountry destination and returning home safely. This course promotes the active participation of all party members in backcountry navigation and teaches the skills necessary to do so.

It is a full-day class that includes lectures, indoor exercises, and outdoor practice. In addition to map, compass, altimeter-and how to use them together, we cover route planning, terrain awareness, and other rational skills for finding your way on and off the trail.

This class satisfies the navigation requirement for the Basic Climbing and Alpine Scrambles Courses offered by all Mountaineer branches. While the course is targeted to those audiences, the skills taught are useful for many kinds of outdoor activities.

Attention: This enrollment is for students only. To signup as an instructor, click here: Instructor Signup

Everett's Basic Navigation Course is a single-day event that teaches how to use a topographic map, compass, and altimeter for wilderness navigation. The course also emphasizes advance preparation, terrain reckoning, and route findin... More

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USGS Stevens Pass

Wilderness Navigation
Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills, 8th ed