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Alpine Scrambling Intense Course - Seattle

04/24/14 (Thu) - 04/27/14 (Sun)

Seattle Alpine Scrambling

Bruce T. Wilkins   (Qualified Youth Leader)

7:00 PM

Seattle Program Center Initially

Member: $350.00 / Non Member: $450.00
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If you missed the most recent Alpine Scrambling class deadline or find it easier to take a class over a long weekend – Alpine Scrambling Intense (ASI) is for you, differing only from the regular Alpine Scrambling class by the intensity of the instructional experience. Learn how to travel off-trail and safely across rock and snow filled terrain and use an ice ax to reach some of the great peaks in the area. After an initial web cast lecture and a long-weekend of field instruction the program culminates with the regular Seattle Alpine Scrambling class Experience Field Trip in June. Participants will also receive instruction in Navigation . After the class students are required to meet all other requirements to successfully graduate the program. Due to the challenges of ASI an application is required and students are expected to demonstrate excellent physical conditioning – such as being able to achieve 2,000 feet in elevation gain in a reasonable time with a pack in each of two consecutive days as well as other strenuous physical activities during the field trips. One test is hiking Mt. Si in 2.5 hours or less with a 30 lb pack.

This is the long weekend version of the Alpine Scrambling Class for 2014 - please contact the instructor for full details. After this class the students are expected to complete the Experience Field trip in June as well as the required three scrambles as well as Navigation & First Aid requirements to fully graduate. There is an application for this class, please contact the Leader to obtain - we will also require people to stay overnight at Stevens Lodge as part of the class ($80 additional cost... More

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Leader's Permission Required

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Wilderness Navigation
Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills, 8th ed