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Alpine Scrambling Course Second Year - Tacoma

01/30/14 (Thu) - 12/01/14 (Mon)

Course Extension
Tacoma Alpine Scrambling

Margot Tsakonas

Member: $50.00 / Non Member: $50.00
please pay online
The fee will be collected by: Branch
Cancellation and Refund Policy

Second year students wishing to complete the Alpine Scrambles and Climbing course with the Tacoma Branch must register for this course extention. Students must also notify the scrambles course leader for a review of each students accomplishments and remaining graduation requirements.

Sign up here if you were a student last year and want to finish up. We encourage you to do so! Please note that the class actually starts APR 2. This listing says Jan 30 so that you can get student status again. You must contact our new records keeper, Mike Murphy, ( to verify what you have left to complete. You are welcome to attend any lectures or FT's again as a refresher but must let us know about the FT's so we have accurate counts. You will also have to do another c... More

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69 spaces open

Registration closed on Tue, Apr 1 at 5:00 PM