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Sea Kayaking: Incident Management/Risk Assessment

03/14/14 (Fri) - 03/15/14 (Sat)

Olympia Sea Kayaking

Brian Hollander

6:00 PM

Coach House

Incident Management / Risk Assessment starts the moment you think about a trip. The Olympia Mountaineers Sea Kayaking Group two part Incident Management class / Risk Assessment helps you identify risks and prevent them before they happen, but not all things go as planned so we help you figure out what to have in your bag of tricks and in your essentials that you carry with you. So when things do not go as planned the incident becomes an inconvenience and not something worse. This is by no means a guarantee that it will prevent an incident.

Olympia's Third annual Risk assessment / Incident Management course. The class room portion is OPEN TO ALL KAYAKERS regardless of ability level or experience. On the water portion will be determined by your ability level. Risk Assessment starts the minute you think about a trip! This will help avoid having to use Incident Management. Class room portion participants are required to show up at the class room with a scenario they want to discuss. If you have a Marine VHF hand held rad... More

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