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Lake Ozette

04/19/14 (Sat)

Seattle Sea Kayaking

Don Rice

8:00 AM

Lake Ozette campground

This is the Washington Coast Clean-up campaign. We will paddle 3 mi to Ericsons Bay trailhead and hike 2mi to Sand Point where we will collect as much beach garbage as we can carry back in our kayaks. Saturday is the clean up day and Sunday we will paddle to Tivoli Island 12nmn round trip. Free camping at the Olympic National Park, Lake Ozette campground for people who help clean up the coast. Bring water to drink as water will not be available unless you filter the lake water.

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Registration closed on Fri, Apr 18 at 5:00 PM

Trip Data
Sea Kayak II/III

Custom Correct Ozette Beach Loop
Green Trails Ozette No. 130S
SeaTrails Roadless Coast, Neah Bay to Ruby Beach WA302

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