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Basic Navigation Course - Olympia

04/01/14 (Tue) - 04/06/14 (Sun)

Olympia Navigation

Michael A. Kretzler

6:00 PM

Friends House, 3201 Boston Harbor Road NE, Olympia

Member: $45.00 / Non Member: $45.00
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Olympia's basic navigation course includes instruction in maps, compass, declination adjustment, coordinate systems, terrain recognition, route planning, and navigation in a group setting, using a combination of lectures, exercises, readings, and practical exercises. It is conducted in two evening lectures and a day-long field trip.

The Olympia navigation course includes instruction, readings, and indoor and outdoor exercises in maps, compass use, coordinate systems, terrain association, route planning, and navigation in a group setting. The course consists of two evenings of instruction and a day of outdoor exercises. The evening sessions are scheduled for Tuesday, April 1, and Thursday, April 3, and the outdoor session is on Sunday, April 6, 2014. There are no make-up sessions, so be sure of your schedule before registeri... More

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