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Mt Baker/Coleman Glacier

06/02/14 (Mon) - 06/03/14 (Tue)

Seattle Climbing

Robert Brown

**REMINDER** This climb is subject to the PRIORITY CLIMBS LIST. Please verify that your branch has priority for this climb.

Ascend from the base camp at 6,000', proceed S and climb gradually SE toward the Black Buttes. Skirt along the Black Buttes, keeping far enough away to avoid avalanches or rockfall, then go easterly to the saddle between the base of the Roman Wall (on the main mountain) and the Black Buttes (about 9,200' at the saddle). From the saddle, ascend the rocky ridge NE keeping right of the Roman Wall. Ascend steep snow past the Roman Wall to the large summit plateau. The summit is at the far ENE side. There are many crevasses on this climb. In good weather views from camp on ridge near Buttes and from summit are spectacular.

Back-up dates for this climb are June 9th & 10th.

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Basic Glacier Climb

Green Trails Mt Baker No. 13
USGS Mt Baker

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