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The Tooth/S Face

08/15/14 (Fri)

Seattle Climbing

Gregory Ernst

7:00 AM


**REMINDER** This climb is subject to the PRIORITY CLIMBS LIST. Please verify that your branch has priority for this climb.

At Pineapple Pass rope up and ascend directly up the face to a broad ledge about 50' below the summit. From here, either ascend broken rock somewhat to the right of the center face, or climb directly to the notch below the summit by a thin left-facing flake, or go left on a narrow ledge (the Catwalk) and then scramble to the summit. If descending via the N ridge, take ice axes to the summit (snow on the N side), this is the recommended descent in view of the traffic volume on the mountain, even in midweek. If rappelling, be careful of ascending climbers.

Basic SIG Climb

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Trip Data
Basic Rock Climb

Green Trails Snoqualmie Pass Gateway No. 207S
Green Trails Snoqualmie Pass No. 207
USGS Snoqualmie Pass

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