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Bearhead & East Bearhead 6089 & 6052

03/15/14 (Sat)

Tacoma Climbing

Kevin DeFields   (Qualified Youth Leader)

7:00 AM

MRNP Carbon River Entrance

3-3 for Snow only; 3-1 if run later in the year as Rock.

Preference will be given to Tacoma students until 3/10/2014. Get in an early conditioner while knocking off an Irish Cabin Peak. Students will need to carry a pack weighing the greater of 25 pounds or 20% of their body weight while keeping up with the group. A scale will be available at the trailhead. We will meet at the Carbon River entrance to consolidate vehicles as much as possible and then travel to the Summit Lake trailhead. There is limited parking at the Carbon River entrance so carpooli... More

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USGS Bearhead Mtn

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