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This page provides helpful information for our volunteers. Below, you'll find forms, brochures, step-by-step instructions for listing & managing activities, board policies and more.

If you have a suggestion for a topic to be included here, please send us an email.

Online Systems FAQ

Here are links to FAQs that offer step-by-step guidance in using our online systems. They are articles in our Help system’s Knowledge Base. You must be logged in and serving on a committee to view these links.

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Forms & Publications

Here are forms that are useful to our members and guests, and that you need to run our programs. Note that you must be logged in and serve on a committee to view links to some of the forms.

Application Forms & Waivers

Membership Application & Waiver

Member Waiver

Gift Membership Application

Guest Application & Waiver

Meany Lodge Waiver

Emergency Procedures & Forms

Emergency Contact Procedures

FirstAid/Accident Report Form

Youth Programs Information & Forms

Youth Manual

Youth Forms Checklist

Working with Youth FAQ

Youth Programs Waiver

Authorized Pick-up Form

Youth Health Form

Medication Authorization Forms

Youth in Adult Programs Information & Forms

Youth in Adult Programs FAQ

Youth Parent Packet for Adult Programs

Youth Partner Programs Information & Forms

Youth Partner Programs Waiver

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Policies, Standards & Safety

Sometimes it’s useful to be aware of the policies, minimum standards, saftey reports and other information provided by our Board of Dirctors. Note that emergency procedures and the accident report form are in the "Forms & Publications" section above.

The Mountaineers Policy Manual and Bylaws

Minimum Standards for Activities

Safety Reports & Information

Board of Directors Web Page

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors Community

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Branch and Activity Committee Web Pages

Branch and activity committee website hosting is available through the Progam Center at no cost. Each activity committee or branch is responsible for developing and maintaining the content of its web page. View the Knowledge Base article, My committee has a website. How does connect to it? for more information.

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Online Communities

Communities allows interaction between members, guests, committees and branches. They can be open to the general public or private. Private communities can be restricted to such groups as committee members, leaders, students in a course, or members of a branch. The system is flexible so that any data that we keep in our database can be used to define distinct groups that may access a community. Here is a brief description of each area that every community contains:

News Items - maintained by the community administrator, News Items allows your group to post timely news and messages. A subscription function allows users to have messages emailed to them instantly, daily or weekly.

Forums - threaded discussions for users to connect and communicate with each other. Some examples of forums are?course discussions & questions, gear swaps, and trail recommendations. Users may subscribe to Forums as they do for News Items.

Document Archive - a place for users to share documents. This is a useful tool for committees to store meeting minutes and policies and for course administrators who want to share handouts, maps, and gear lists with their students.

For information about creating a community for your group, please send us an email.

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